We consult on the appraisal of Fleets, Trailers and other specialized vehicles. We are experts in the Trucking Industry and will assist Assessors, Insurance companies and Brokers nationwide in identifying misrepresentation of specifications, pre-evaluation and assessment pre-Accident evaluations for Insurance policies as well as the appraisals of vehicles after an accident. We have Holding yards in the Major Centers Nation Wide, Our Johannesburg, Kwa-zulu Natal and Cape Town Holding yards safeguard disputed units, from which recovered salvage claims have not yet been Finalized, at no cost and for a reasonable time. 24 Hour Security, CCTV, Electric Fencing and razor wire safeguard our holding yards with strict security measures with gate guards ensuring in-and-out controls of all vehicles. Each vehicle is checked upon arrival for any shortages or tampering and issued with a stock card checklist.

Tiger Truck Services


Tiger Truck Spares strips up to

100 vehicles each month acquired

from Salvage Contracts, Fleet

holders and private owners.


Our used parts include

engines and gearboxes that are

compression tested and run hot

before being sold.


Our range of used parts include: Engines,

cabs, front and rear axles, steering boxes,

injection pumps, crankshafts, blocks,

and pistons, Gearboxes, differentials &



Tiger Truck will show you

how secondhand truly can

be as good as new.